Loan Modification

Loan ModificationIf you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments then you face the real possibility of a legal foreclosure action that may leave you without a home and a negative mark on your credit that will last for several years. Foreclosure may not be inevitable, though. Working with an experienced lawyer towards a loan modification may enable you to avoid a foreclosure suit and keep your home–if you act soon enough. In 2015, the best option for many homeowners who face the possibility of defaulting on their home loan is a mortgage loan modification. While it is certainly not the only option (nor the best one in every case) it can make your mortgage more affordable and help you avoid foreclosure due to late and missed payments.

At The Neustein Law Group, P.A. , we aggressively defend all foreclosure actions, which results in the increased ability and leverage to effectively negotiate mortgage loan modifications from a position of strength in order to win more favorable new terms for you. By having our seasoned attorneys simultaneously provide an aggressive legal defense for your Florida foreclosure case and negotiate your loan modification, we may be able to utilize a strategy that otherwise, would not be available. This means we may be able to lower the interest rate on your mortgage, extend the term of the mortgage, restructure the principal balance (in rare cases), provide a low fixed-rate alternative to an expensive adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), and possibly forgive missed payments and their associated fees.

Another KEY advantage of working with The Neustein Law Group to modify your loan and defend your foreclosure case is that our fees for loan modification always include the initial retainer for foreclosure defense.

Remember that the loan modification can take several months (3-6 months on average). Therefore, if you are already late on your mortgage, chances are that you WILL be served with the Initial Foreclosure Summons and Complaint before your loan modification is finalized. Therefore, it is critical that you hire an attorney that has extensive litigation (court room) experience.

The Banks have Lawyers. You should have a Lawyer on your side.