Complex Commercial Litigation / Business and Real Estate Litigation

Commercial Litigation Attorney FloridaThe Neustein Law Group, P.A. serves Large and Small Business Owners in the entire State of Florida.

Complex Commercial litigation has been the cornerstone of the Neustein Law Group since its inception. Our senior partners have decades years of commercial litigation and trial experience. Our wide diversified client base chooses Neustein Law Group because of our depth and breadth of experience in Federal, State, federal trial and appellate courts throughout the State of Florida and Virginia.

Any civil litigation practice is only as good as its trial lawyers. Our boutique law firm has some of the best litigation attorneys in South Florida. Our senior partners groom the young associates in the strategic and tactical aspects of trial strategy and performance. Our fundamental philosophy is that “We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to legal strategy.”

While the vast majority of civil litigation cases (over 90%) never make it to the trial phase, our attorneys do not shy away from trying a case. We excel in the courtroom. When your attorney is widely recognized as a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, this recognition by your opposition and opposing counsel creates leverage for you in the negotiations for the ultimate financial settlement whether it comes at the early pre-litigation / demand letter phase, the case is resolved at court ordered or voluntary mediation, or it is settled on the courthouse steps on the day of trial. When your attorney has the skill and confidence to excel in the courtroom, this confidence also lends itself to a maximized settlement at any phase of the litigation.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation requires an aggressive law firm experienced in the complex nature of business law, contract law, fiduciary relationships, partnership and employment law and other areas of state and federal statute which govern the operation of Florida businesses or corporations. Some of the areas of commercial and business litigation handled by the Neustein Law Group P.A. include the following:

  • Business and Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Real Estate Litigation
  • Commercial Foreclosure
  • Construction Disputes
  • Commercial Bankruptcy/Debt Restructuring
  • Construction Litigation
  • Land and Business Leasing –
  • Contract Law
  • Professional and Commercial Liability
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Business Torts
  • Employment Law
  • Partnership Disputes and Dissolutions
  • Incorporations and Business Formation
  • Business Disputes
  • Zoning laws and regulations

Our commercial litigation attorneys have more than 70 years of combined relevant experience ranging the gambit of litigation cases throughout South Florida. We represent individuals, small to medium sized business owners, corporations in any type of litigated matter. We represent creditors and debtors alike. No case is too big or too small.

Our main office is located at the Williams Island Building, 18305 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 250, Aventura, FL 33160. We also have nine convenient offices less than 30 minutes from wherever you are throughout the State of Florida.

The attorneys at the Neustein Law Group are seasoned experienced trial lawyers who go to court every day. Whether you are a small to medium sized business, an investor in residential or commercial real estate transactions, we deliver personalized professional service. Our boutique law firm provides an unparalleled combination of experience, track record and ability to work around your budget with affordable payment plans.

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